15 Tips to Save Money While Shopping

We all know someone who can go a little over the top when it comes to shopping. Whether it’s physically visiting your favourite clothing store, or checking out the newest shoes online, we all do it one way or another. So the question arises – why not save money while you’re at it? Below you can explore the 15 tips to save money while shopping!

  1. Go in with a Plan

So often with shopping, the biggest hurdle is that you tend to just go for the sake of it – this means you are open to buying anything, which can lead to impulsive shopping, and trust me, that’ll come back to hurt you later.

Go in with a Plan

  1. Know the competition

You might really like something at one store, but don’t lock down on it so easy. Before you confirm what you want to buy, be sure to look around and make sure there isn’t a competitor selling the item at a lower price.

Know the competition

  1. Bring money as needed

While some of us might be good at budgeting, others may find it a little harder. A nifty trick to use in this case is to keep just the amount of money you are willing to spend in your wallet to keep yourself in check!

Bring money as needed

  1. Look out for discounts

Shopping’s not just about saving money all the time, but the part where you do can be a little fun right? So keep tabs on sales, discounts, and special offers, and when you want to get what’s necessary, save some money too!

Looking for discounts

  1. Look up the store’s reviews

User reviews may not be the most reliable source of information, but they are usually pretty indicative of the kind of service you will receive. If the store has treated a lot of customers well, chances are you will have a similar experience too!


  1. Think things through

The three words above should be your mantra while shopping. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself if this is indeed something useful that’ll contribute to your life in any positive way. If the answer is yes, shop away!

Think things through

  1. The right state of mind

To be able to shop keeping a budget in mind, you need to make sure you’re at the right place of mind in your head. Make sure you’re thinking it all through, and that you’re not just binging because you are bored.

The right state of mind

  1. Look online

Another place you can find cheap and easy ways of saving on the cost of your shopping spree? Try online shopping. You can look for cheaper rates at a click, and even get special discounts/offers.

Look online

  1. Don’t just try to take advantage of sales

A lot of times when we hear something is on sale, we tend to think we need it right away. The truth is, unless sit’s an essential product, you probably will end up losing money if you spend it here instead of on a thing where it is actually needed.

Don’t just try to take advantage of sales

  1. Sometimes, haggling works

In a lot of places, standard rates don’t really apply the same way. So if you feel you are being given a bad deal, feel free to ask for a better rate!

Sometimes, haggling works

  1. Get the best rates, off season

The pressure to fit in with this season’s styles is intense, I understand. But if you can compromise on some things, you can actually find some great clothes at the end of the season can really help you save a lot of money!

Get the best rates, off season

  1. Bust out your creative side

It’ll be work, but sometimes a little DIY can help you a long way. You may need to be investing time and effort, but you’ll come out with something you like, and you’ll be saving on the cost of it along the way!

Bust out your creative side

  1. Don’t get seduced by beautiful labels

A lot of times, beautiful packaging and pretty fonts can affect the way we think. We may not want something, but just find it too beautiful to ignore. This is a marketing tactic – and one you need to be wary of. Don’t buy things just because they look pretty, unless they have some use.

Don’t get seduced by beautiful labels

  1. Reduce your delivery fee

If you are buying online, make sure you take down your delivery fee – all you need to do is buy in bulk. Make sure you have all your orders, then buy them all at once to avoid repeated costs.

Reduce your delivery fee

  1. Consider all of the factors riding on you

At the end of the day, you’ll be making a decision about shopping. If you have doubts about something, put it down, and come back later. You will eventually make the right decision on what you want, or need, and how to differentiate between them.

Consider all of the factors riding on you

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