Your Beloved BI-LO Store Has A BI-LO Survey For Its Customers!

Do you not just love how much you get to save at BI-LO stores? Well, there’s something more that you must know!

BI-LO makes sure that their customers get the best without paying extra-ordinary service charges. And so, all the groceries you purchase at BI-LO are cost effective and with that you have real savings and fresh products at the end. BI-LO also allows their customers to save on gas, get double coupons for their grocery stores and enjoy a bonus card every now and then as well. So, did you enjoy purchasing and using the products at BI-LO stores? And did you enjoy the services to say that they fulfilled all your requirements? BI-LO is pleased to present its customers will a BI-LO survey that allows their customers to say it all, without stopping! And there’s something in it that you can win! Read on ahead to find out.

I wish to take the BI-LO survey, but what do I get to win at the end of the survey?

BI-LO survey

BI-LO is happy to help their customers speak up regarding how they catered to their needs at their most recent visit. BI-LO wishes to make sure that they are reaching their goal of providing the best customer service in town. And for that, they need your help. As a customer, you get a chance to say anything you felt regarding your recent visit and it will be heard! With that, as a thank you, BI-LO stores will provide you a chance to win gift cards worth the amount of $450! Excited? We are.

How do you take the BI-LO survey? I’m nervous.

In order to take the BI-LO survey, you should be above the age of eighteen. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the survey. You should also provide answers to each requirement in order to gain the incentive in the end. With that, let’s begin!

  • You have to visit the BI-LO Survey online in order to take it. Click here and you will visit the page.
  • To enter the survey, you have to provide an eighteen-digit code from your most recent BI-LO receipt.
  • You will then enter the survey. Make sure you answer each question honestly.
  • You will be asked to rate your satisfaction with the products, the staff, the availability, cleanliness and so on.
  • You will also be asked to specify anything you liked or disliked.
  • You should submit the survey and then you will be enrolled into the draw for the survey!

I have not had the chance to visit BI-LO stores. Please inform me more about the store!

BI-LO stores

BI-LO stores were established back in 1961. BI-Lo is basically a chain of supermarkets that are owned by Southeastern Grocers.  In 2003, BI-LO went through a complete makeover and redesigned its stores to attract more customers, including high end customers. And so, BI-LO now has a larger selection of healthier foods, organic foods and specialty foods at the most affordable rates!

Visit BI-LO now and get a chance to take this survey!

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