When the official website of Tell Customer Survey was launched it was signed in the terms and responsibilities that Tell Customer Survey would take full responsibility, under any circumstance, for the protection of the personal details of all of its visitors that the website will assemble or collect. In light of how imperative and sensitive the nature of confidentiality of the users’ personal information is the official team of Tell Customer Survey has proposed an effective privacy policy for the protection of personally identifying information that is collected from every person who chooses to visit the official website of Tell Customer Survey.

The following Privacy Policy of Tell Customer Survey describes in detail all the rules through which we ask for, assemble, share and use user personal information. It is important that every visitor thoroughly reads every step of the following Privacy Policy which they will be abided by at any time they visit Tell Customer Survey:

  • There will be times when the visitor will visit the official website of Tell Customer Survey, and he/she may be asked to share certain personal information prior to which all the legal and logical reasons will be identified in detail to the user.
  • Tell Customer Survey team members will only require personally identifying details and use it with the purpose of catering to all those reasons that were previously in detail identified to the user when this particular information was being asked for or to fulfill other relevant intentions applicable at any point in time however even for this Tell Customer Survey will seek permission of the user beforehand or would do as stated in the laws that may be applicable in this case.
  • Tell Customer Survey’s team members will only require the personal details of their users and visitors as long as it serves the intents and reasons for which it was collected in the first place.
  • The official members of Tell Customer Survey will only collect, assemble or gather personally identifying information of its users using just and legal sources and solely if there is a legal and purposeful reason for such information to be collected and that too when the legal permission and digital consent of the user has been taken.
  • Tell Customer Survey will only collect a particular set of personal information from its users that is relevant to and serves the intentions for which it is being asked for and only to complete the purposes for which it was gathered and to the extent that it is needed to complete those purposes. However at any point that the user is asked to share their personal details, they should only share the details that are coherent, correct and up to date.
  • The Tell Customer Survey fully understands and takes their responsibility to completely safeguard and protect all the sensitive and personally identifying information from any theft, digital data loss or any kind of deletion or addition or from any unauthorized access by any outside entity.
  • The Tell Customer Survey’s official team will publish and present at all times, all the points and terms of their privacy policies and other applicable laws that are used to safeguard the personally identifying information of its users.
  • Tell Customer Survey takes assistance of third party ads and references for the support of its running online applications and softwares. But it is imperative to take into account that all these third party advertisements uses items such as cookies and web beacons when they choose to commit to advertising anywhere at any online platform which allow these ad companies to know the visitor’s IP address, Internet Service details and the type of web browser that they are using to visit the official website of Tell Customer Survey.

The entire official team of the Project Tell Customer Survey has committed all their services and resources to run their business by complying to all the points stated in the privacy policy to safeguard and preserve the confidentiality of the personally identifying details.