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Furthermore when this user/visitor uses the services or seeks help from the official Tell Customer Survey website they will commit to act and completely abide by the legal terms and points stated in this document of Terms of Use and by other laws that may be applied when availing services at any online platform. It should also be taken into account that any visitor at any point in time who fails to act in accordance with these terms of use stated in Tell Customer Survey their access to this official Tell Customer Survey will be limited or in some cases be completely forbidden. The images, content, material and links of third party companies that are published on Tell Customer Survey are posted under the protection copyright laws.



License of Use


For all the content, images and materials that appear on the official Tell Customer Survey’s website can only be downloaded once by every user but each visitor must understand that all the downloaded information can only be used for personal purposes and will not be allowed by Tell Customer Survey to use it for commercial reasons. Every user should also take note that under this permission license any user should not do the following forbidden activities:


  1. Make copies and changes in the pictures, content and materials of the Tell Customer Survey,
  2. Make use of the materials posted on the Tell Customer Survey for commercial reasons or to generate profits,
  • Make subtractions of any trademark signs, logos or notations at the official Tell Customer Survey and then use it for any commercial purposes,




Tell Customer Survey and all of the third part company links and references that are published on the Tell Customer Survey official website under any condition may not be asked to take accountability for any changes, modification, and destruction of any of the published materials on the Tell Customer Survey website.


These conditions may comprise of changes in concrete information such as dates, theft of data or disruption to any profits earned or modifications to the published content on Tell Customer Survey which in turn may cause difficulty in using the services and help of the official website of Tell Customer Survey. These rules will stand to be true even if the official Tell Customer Survey or its team has been asked for permission in writing or in verbal form.




If any user under any circumstance locates any error or mistake in any of the content, materials or images in such condition the official team of the Tell Customer Survey will not be held accountable because Tell Customer Survey does not commit to give complete accuracy of the content.


Third Party Company and Links


Tell Customer Survey does not take accountability for reviewing, proof reading or correcting any of the published material of any of the third party company web pages that are used on the official website of Tell Customer Survey. Tell Customer Survey also doesn’t guarantee complete accuracy of the materials posted on these third party websites neither does Tell Customer Survey takes endorsements nor gives endorsement to these third party websites. Any visitor who chooses to take help or avail the services of these third party websites they should do so on their own risk and Tell Customer Survey cannot be held accountable if any unforeseen circumstances occur.


Modifications to Site Terms of Use


Tell Customer Survey at any time would make changes or modifications to these Terms of Use without issuing any announcement or notification prior to these changes and after any change whenever any visitor selects to avail the services of the official Tell Customer Survey website they will have to abide by the most latest and updated version of the Terms of Use.