Cub Foods Survey is Here to Listen to You and Give You a Chance to Win $100

Give Cub Foods Your Valuable Opinion through the Cub Foods Survey

Where do you go when you need something for your daily life? When you need to buy some groceries to help you get through the week or the month, where do you go? A supermarket, of course. You can find whatever you need and everything you could possibly want at a supermarket. But, sometimes you don’t find what you need, so what do you do then? If you shop at Cub Foods, the easiest thing you can do is take the Cub Foods Survey and leave your opinions and suggestions. You may be wondering what good that would do. Well, it will help the company improve its quality of services for you and make sure it has everything you need when you need it.

Win Big for Giving Your Opinion

Alright, so you may think you can find the things you need in other supermarkets if not at Cub Foods. Why fill out a survey when you could use that time to just go somewhere else? Well, because this way, you can spend some of your precious time once to make your favorite supermarket better, instead of wasting time every single time. Another incentive for filling out the Cub Foods Survey is that you get a chance to win $100 in the weekly drawing! Let’s be real, that is definitely the better incentive, right? So, what are you waiting for? Get that money before you lose your chance!

Want to Know How to Fill the Cub Foods Survey? Here Are the Instructions

Interested in filling out the Cub Foods Survey yet? If you are, you need to know how to go about it and we have all the instructions right here for you.

  • To start off, you have to visit to access the main page of the Cub Foods Survey. For this, you need to have a computing device with a good internet connection.
  • On the landing page, you can read the welcome message and the Sweepstakes Rules. Then, click the “Begin Survey” button.

  • On the next page, enter the Code in the given space. You can find the Code on your Cub Foods receipt and refer to the image given on the page to see where exactly.

  • Now, click “Next” and begin the survey. All you have to do is answer all the questions according to your most recent shopping trip to Cubs Foods.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, provide your contact information and submit the survey. You will now be able to enter the sweepstakes and will be informed in case you win.

What is Cub Foods?

Founded in 1968 in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, Cub Foods is a chain of supermarkets with more than seventy stores throughout Illinois and Minnesota. It now has its headquarters in Stillwater, Minnesota. It also has grocery delivery services, which get you everything you need whenever you need it.

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