The Hometown Pet Survey can Help you Get a lot of Free Goodies for your Pet!

The Aim of the Hometown Pet Survey

The Hometown pet survey aims to find out whether the company is doing a good job in terms of their customer service and the products the store offers. These days, companies rely heavily on the fact that they are well liked by their customers since even making a small mistake could cost them greatly. Hence they routinely take surveys from their customers to keep themselves in top shape and to ensure business.

What to Expect from the Hometown Pet Survey

The Hometown pet survey is a survey which asks questions pertaining to the store’s service and products. The survey aims to get to the bottom of how the store has been performing and if customers are satisfied with their Hometown Pet visits and if not what areas do they think the store lacks in and thus can and should subsequently improve.

The Advantages of Filling the Hometown Pet Survey

The Hometown Pet company is not asking their customers to fill the Hometown pet survey for nothing in return in fact they have great prizes if you win the subsequent lucky draw after you fill the Hometown pet survey. You can stand to win a gift card for US $2,500 which can be redeemable at Del’s, Tractor Supply Company and of course at Hometown Pet.

The Procedure of Filling the Hometown pet survey

It is incredibly easy to fill the Hometown pet survey. The steps which you need to follow to fill the survey are outlined below:

  1. The first thing you have to do is visit the following link:
  2. Now you need to have your receipt from the Hometown Pet store handy
  3. You first have to enter the Ticket Number, Date of Visit, Store Number and Register Number into the form before you can commence filling it out further
  4. Now you can click on ‘start’
  5. The subsequent questions will ask you about your experience at the store and other related questions
  6. After you have answered all the questions, you can submit the survey and be done with it
  7. You will now be automatically entered into the lucky draw to win the gift card

More about Hometown Pet

Hometown Pet is a great store and has several branches in various counties. It is mostly located in Tennessee. A lot of customers have pointed out that Hometown Pet is a humane place since they treat the animals in their stores very well. They are I clean cages, with plenty of food and water. Thus they are popular with animal lover and why you should give them a chance and take your business to their fine establishment.

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