Marriott Hotels Survey and how to go about it

If you have recently been to a Marriott hotel and you would like to give a review either good or bad but do not know how to go about it, then this is the article for you. On finishing your stay at Marriott you will receive a guest satisfaction survey which you can fill up to not only tell the hotel management of your opinion of your stay there but also to other people who visit their website. It must be remembered however that Marriott hotels survey can be filled only if you have stayed in one of the Marriott hotels and naturally have an account on their website. If you do not have an account then you can just visit their website and create one by either logging in through Facebook or by creating an account the old-fashioned way; through your email.

Benefit of completing the Marriott Hotel Survey

If you complete your Marriott hotel survey then after 72 hours of submission your review will appear on the homepage of their website. Other people can read from your review and decide whether they would want to stay at that specific Marriott hotel or not. Also by submitting your Marriott hotel survey you will be telling the management on what areas they need to work upon and/or complimenting them on their good service.

Quick and easy steps to filling the Marriott Hotels Survey

  1. After your confirmed stay at any of the Marriott hotel, you will receive a Marriott Hotel Survey.
  2. Save your receipt from that stay so you can fill in the Marriott Hotel Survey.
  3. Visit their survey website and enter the 6 digit code on the space provided. The 6 digit code would be written on your receipt that you saved.
  4. Fill in their questionnaire accordingly and then write in your review.
  5. Be mindful not to use profanity, bad language, unintelligible information, personally identifiable information or inappropriate language. Otherwise, your review will not be published on the homepage of the Marriott website.
  6. You also need to write your review only in the English language. Any other language cannot be used to write the review as it will not be supported.
  7. Also once you complete your review and submit it you cannot edit it again. Hence be sure to write everything that you want to write in one go.

You can always visit the Marriott hotel website to read other people’s reviews too or read your own.

About Marriott Hotels

Marriott international incorporated is the patent name for one of the world’s largest hotel company. Marriott hotels can be found worldwide but basically it is based Bethesda, Maryland; USA.

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