IHOP Comes To You With The Chance To Win Delicious ButterMilk Pancakes By Completing IHOP Survey!

Wouldn’t you like to visit your nearby IHOP to eat some sugar goodness?

Have you been visiting IHOP regularly? Even if you don’t eat at IHOP that often you can still have the chance to share your experiences with the IHOP team. This article will guide you through the IHOP Survey step by step and allow you to get something back from that. But in order to find out the prize, you must scroll down and read on!

Now, your next visit to IHOP doesn’t have to cost you. How?

Yes, filling IHOP survey is based on an incentive. Those who get an invitation to give their feedback to IHOP will receive some free goodies in return. And, trust us! You will not be disappointed with what you get. Go avail your chance to get some free hot and fresh pancakes of your liking before it’s too late!

Your IHOP survey guide is right here! Scroll down to begin!

In order to start your IHOP Survey, click on http://www.talktoihop.com

On the survey page you must firstly fill in:

  • The survey code that you will receive on your recent IHOP receipt.
  • Your visit time from your receipt.
  • Your seven-digit server ID

Click on “Start” as soon as you’re done. You can also choose to take the survey in Spanish before you begin.

In the next section you will simply answer a series of questions about your recent visit to your local IHOP  chain. This will include:

  • your dining experience
  • satisfaction with food
  • Your server, staff, ambiance and so on

Make sure you give an honest review for each question/query in order to help IHOP meet your needs at your next visit!

When you hit on “Next” you will reach the end of the survey. Here you will receive a validation code. Write this down on your recent receipt and you will receive your coupon. At your next visit, you can get a free  stack of pancakes!

Never been to IHOP? Well, you’re missing out on some heavenly American style Pancakes and more!

IHOP stands for International Houser of Pancakes. It has been around since 1958 and today it has its diners in about 1,600 locations worldwide! You can find IHOP in North America, Philippines, United Arab Emirates and so on. This chain specializes in American style breakfast food items but their menu also includes lunch and dinner items now!

IHOP is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day! So, don’t sit back on your couch. Visit your nearby IHOP and grab your chance to get some free pancakes! You must also try a ton of items from their very vast menu. After all, everything is made to order!

Useful URLs:

  1. http://www.talktoihop.com

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