Fill This White Spot Survey To Tell Us About Your Experience and Get Vouchers In Return!

If you’re looking for some well-made and juicy burgers, White Spot is your best option!

This Canada’s best burger restaurant chain brings you a chance to express yourself. Do you like the food and the staff at your local White Spot restaurant? Well, fill in their White Spot survey and get a chance to win something absolutely worthy! We’ll guide you on how to fill their survey. And, if you wish to know what’s in this for you, scroll down!

Filling in this White Spot survey will be your road to happiness!

Whether you wish to have some breakfast, lunch or dinner, White Spot welcomes you to fill in their White Spot survey to give your opinion on taste of food, staff and so on. And, at the end of this you will get a chance to win a $1,000 voucher. You will also be able to win weekly prizes worth $1,500, and $5 off your next purchase!

White Spot brings you White Spot Survey and it is extremely easy to complete!

Here’s what you need to do in order to begin filling in your White Spot survey invitation:

Firstly, you will visit their survey page. For that you need to click on

Once the page open, you must keep your recent White Spot receipt nearby in order to refer to it. Because, you will be required to type your receipt code and the total amount of your bill.

Once done, you will hit “Enter” and move on.

Your White Spot survey will begin. Here you will rate your satisfaction with your recent visit:

  • Rate your experience
  • Rate your recommendation
  • Rate your next visit to White Spot
  • Rate the price point.

Hit “Next” to continue with the survey.


In the next part of the survey, you have the option of typing in anything else that you wish to add to your feedback. Please make sure White Spot survey receives your honest feedback.



When you click “NEXT” you will reach the end of the survey. At the end you will:

  • Type your First and last name
  • Telephone area code and number
  • Email address

Click on “NEXT” and you will be entered into the lucky draw that will give you the probability to win one of the three gift vouchers. Good luck!

Never got a chance to visit your nearby White Spot restaurant? Well here’s what you can know about this popular chain!

White spot was first established in 1928. It is a Canadian based restaurant located in Vancouver, CA. It is best known for its hamburgers, burger sauce, and Pirate Park children’s meal. White Spot Restaurants is well known for using fresh ingredients. Some White Spot restaurant offer a service called carhop dive-in service.

So, if you haven’t had the chance to try out this, you must go for their best of the best items now!

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